Bromo Tour Package Cheap Price from Malang Surabaya

By | Februari 8, 2023
Mount Bromo Tour Package from city of Surabaya or Malang – Having the opportunity to vacation with family and couple is an exciting moment. Especially in East Java, Indonesia, one of the tourist icons with many domestic and foreign tourists visiting each year is mount bromo tour. Of course, you are already familiar with this tourist spot. For those of you who like to travel with nature with stunning mountain panoramas. Mt. Bromo is one of the interesting tourist destinations that are suitable to visit. Then from that, the choice of Bromo tour package at our travel agent can help you during your Bromo vacation.

For this reason, the choice of cheap Bromo tour packages from Surabaya or Malang provided by our travel agent can be an option for you to use. As the right solution to make your tour more planned with certainty so that you can truly enjoy the Mount Bromo tourist experience comfortably and well planned.

Mount Bromo Indonesia

Mt. Bromo is located in East Java, Indonesia, and is included in one of the tourist attractions in the Bromo Tengger National Park area. The object spans an area of 800 square kilometers and has a height of 2,329M asl.

Not only that, Mt. Bromo is included in the category of an active volcano whose territory covers four regions at once. Starting from the east are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. Thus, it is easier for many tourists to visit this one tourist spot.

What is interesting at Bromo?

On Mount Bromo you can not only enjoy the stunning views of this active volcano in East Java. But also various other tourist spots on Bromo mountain and its surroundings

There are many things you can do during your vacation to Mt. Bromo on this one. In this national park, there are several interesting tourist attractions that you can try, including the following:

Mt. Pananjakan (View Sunrise Bromo)The crater of Bromo
Whispering SandsSavanna/Teletubbies Hill

How To get Mt. Bromo?

Routes and Paths to Mt. bromo can be accessed through 4 entrances from 4 districts. Covering the Regencies of Malang, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Probolinggo. However, the easiest route when doing a Bromo volcano tour is using the route from Probolinggo.

Because this route provides several facilities such as public transportation and many lodgings or hotels are available on the slopes of Bromo. As for how to get to Bromo, you can start from the city of Surabaya or Malang. We review it as follows:

1. Mount Bromo Tour from Surabaya

If you are from America, Europe or Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), etc. You can take a flight to Juanda international airport in Surabaya. Then you can take the route to Bromo, namely: Surabaya to Sidoarjo, then Pasuruan and to Probolingo. After that proceed to the village of Cemara Lawang Bromo.

2. Tour to Mt. Bromo from Malang

As for the tour to Bromo from the city of Malang, access and easy paths to Mt. Bromo can be started from the station, airport, hotel. Then take a route like the route to Bromo from the city of Surabaya until your trip arrives at Bromo. Here, there are several choices of cheap packages to Bromo that you can choose according to your needs

Bromo Tour Package Cheap Price Option

For those of you who are currently planning to travel to Bromo. So we highly recommend choosing a professional and trusted travel service.

We are East Java travel agents who have been working for about 10 years in the tourism sector. We are a bromo travel package service provider with the best service at an affordable price.

At our Travel, tourists are free to choose a travel package according to the package they want. Whether it’s a choice of tour packages for 4 days, 3 days, 2 days or packages that start at midnight.

The availability of sharing tour packages and private trips plus the best means of transportation is the mainstay of our tour. Departure trips to Bromo can be from the city of Malang, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta or Bali.

Bromo package option
Bromo Packages Option

Furthermore, pickup can be from several public places such as stations, hotels, or airports. We have 2 economical packages, the most popular and most ordered by tourists are as follows:

Bromo Midnight Tour 1-Day Trip

Travel to Bromo at midnight is one of the mainstay packages of the mount Bromo tour package that we offer. This package has a short duration of 1 day/12 hours without staying at a hotel/home stay in the Bromo area.

During the trip, you will enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from the top of Pananjakan and Bromo Crater which is still active and still emitting smoke. You can easily get tour packages at local travel agents in East Java.

Many tourists take this midnight tour because they don’t have much time due to other vacation schedules. If you start this Bromo Midnight tour, you can start your journey from Surabaya or Malang at midnight.

Then drive to Probolinggo and tour Bromo by using a JEEP vehicle until it is finished. Or if you want something simpler, you can order this package at our travel agent.

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Tour Mt. Bromo on 2-days & 1-night

Having a short time of vacation?, then tour surabaya to Bromo 2-days and 1-night is the solution. The journey remains on the same route, starting from Surabaya, Malang or even from Bali.

This package is including with a 1 night stay at hotel, entrance ticket, a comfortable private car and a hardtop Jeep. We summarize the tour itinerary as follows.

1st Day: Surabaya or Malang to hotel in Bromo

  • Pick up of participants by our professional driver from hotel, airport or train station. then directly transferred to Bromo National park via Probolinggo by private car, the duration of the trip is 3 hours.
  • Enter Sukapura village, then head to Cemoro Lawang village. During the 18 km journey you will pass traditional villages with beautiful valley and mountain panoramas.
  • Arrive in the village and Overnight at a local hotel. in the afternoon you have free time to see the beautiful sunset from the peak of Mentigen.

2nd Day: Sunrise on Mt. Penanjakan – Bromo volcano Tour – Drop in Surabaya

  • At 03.00 in the morning, the Jeep 4WD that we have provided will take you to the top of the Penanajakan view point. From this spot, you will witness the phenomenon of the sunrise with the backdrop of Mt Bromo, Mt Batok and Mt Semeru (the highest mount).
  • After that, the Jeep went back down to the Tengger Sand Sea and headed to the top of Bromo volcano to see the crater which is still active.
  • The last trip to visit the Savanna and the sea of whispering sand. After quite satisfied with the tour Bromo, we will return to the hotel to eat breakfast and relax.
  • Check out time is 11.00. Our driver continues your journey back to Surabaya, Bromo Volcano Tour Service is complete.

Price List Mount Bromo Tour Package 2023

2IDR 1.275.000,-IDR 1.850.000,-
3IDR 1.000.000,-IDR 1.350.000,-
4IDR 850.000,-IDR 1.250.000,-
5IDR 700.000,-IDR 1.150.000,-
8IDR 750.000,-IDR 1.125.000,-
10IDR 650.000,-IDR 1.050.000,-

Tour Include during Trip

  1. Private car start from Surabaya or Malang
  2. Best vehicle including Air Conditioning/AC, Fuel petrol, fee highway
  3. Driver as guide (standard English)
  4. Private Jeep Hardtop 4WD in Bromo
  5. Sunrise tour with a Jeep including driver
  6. Hotel and accommodation around Bromo (if you take a tour Bromo 2d1n)
  7. Mineral water for whole trips
  8. Entrance fee ticket to national Park
  9. Driver meals

Tour Exclude:

  1. Lunch and dinner costs
  2. Personal insurance & expense
  3. Tipping for driver & guide
  4. Horse riding fee

How to Order Packages?

Travel agent As a service provider for Bromo East Java tour packages, We provide convenience in ordering packages. You can contact us via Wa/telegram number at +62-82334900924.

Of course, some of the beneficial facilities and attractive prices that we offer will provide comfort for you when traveling with us. The number of clients, as well as positive testimonials from service users are proof of our professionalism in serving customers.

Tips for Enjoying Bromo Tour Packages Safely, Comfortably and Enjoyably

Don’t forget to prepare yourself and your equipment well before you enjoy this cheap tour to mt Bromo from Malang or Surabaya. You can use the following tips so that you can enjoy the tour to Bromo comfortably and pleasantly:

  1. To get the perfect view to enjoy this package bromo, it is the peak of the dry season, which is from July to August.
  2. When hiking, don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes made of cotton that will keep you comfortable throughout the trip.
    Use non-slip sandals or shoes that are not slippery because the journey to the top of Bromo is quite steep and even slippery in some areas.
    Don’t forget to use headgear, glasses, and sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
    Bringing insect repellent or using protection lotion from mosquitoes and insects that may become your enemy when climbing is also a good idea for you to do.
    Also make sure you bring lots of water and snacks to quench thirst and hunger during the trip.
  3. Use the services of a tour guide so you can choose the track that best suits you. You can choose a challenging or even a shorter or easier hiking trail to get to the top when you return. Mt Bromo is still active. Located at an altitude of 2,329 meters DPL, it has several hiking trails to choose from.
  4. Choose cheap Bromo tour packages from Surabaya or Malang that best suit your interests, time requirements and available budget.
    The choice of tour package bromo that have been described above can be a consideration in determining which package you will choose and how many people you invite to enjoy the tour package together.
    Cheap Bromo from Malang or Surabaya which is complete with the best price according to your pocket.

The Conclusion

Now is the time for you to decide which cheap Bromo tour packages from Surabaya or Malang you will use. Don’t forget, traveling is for refreshing, not the other way around.

So make sure to choose the tour package that best suits you to get the best experience to enjoy Mount Bromo tourism. You can enjoy this tour package alone or with loved ones, family or even friends to make it more exciting. This includes getting a more economical price than the cheap tour to bromo from Surabaya or Malang that are offered.

One thing you have to remember too is that experience can’t be bought. While you are healthy, there is time, there is an opportunity, there is money. It would not hurt to take a short trip to enjoy the beautiful and unique nature that you cannot get every day.