4 Days Tour Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu from Surabaya

By | October 30, 2023

Bromotour.co.id. – Do you miss traveling to Indonesia, but are confused about where to go? Just choose the 4 days Tour Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu from Surabaya. Especially for those of you who want to go to Surabaya, East Java Indonesia or are staying overnight in Surabaya and its surroundings.

On this trip you can not only enjoy the beauty of Bromo and the legendary Ijen Crater. But you can also witness the phenomenal splendor of the Tumpak Sewu waterfall. During the trip, you will be pampered with super cool natural panoramas with this Tour to tumpak sewu waterfall, Bromo and mount Ijen tour package.

4 Days Tour Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu from Surabaya

You will interact a lot with nature because you choose this package. So, for the next four days you can explore the sea of sand, go horse riding on the savanna and enjoy the sunrise on Bromo.

Apart from that, you can witness the phenomenal beauty of the blue fire in the Ijen Crater. Also witness firsthand the resilience of the sulfur miners there. After that, you can enjoy the splendor of the Sewu waterfall and explore several caves around it.

How? The excitement we offer in this tour package is interesting, isn’t it? Check out the itinerary below:

Itinerary Tumpak Sewu Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya 4 Days

Pay attention to the following itinerary so you have an idea of what exciting explorations you will encounter on this 4 day 3 night for Surabaya to Ijen Mount Bromo and Coban Sewu Tour:

1st: Surabaya – Ijen Hotel Area

  • 09:00: Pick up at the airport, terminal, station, hotel or mutually agreed place in the Surabaya area and surrounding areas.
  • 15:00: Estimated arrival at hotel in Bondowoso. Check in then have lunch. Free time.
  • 18.00: Dinner and rest to prepare the Blue Flames Tour tomorrow.

2nd: Blue Flames Ijen Tour – Hotel at Coban Sewu

  • 00.30: Get ready to go to Paltuding. After arriving, continue with trekking to the Ijen crater.
  • 03:00: Estimated arrival at Blue Lava with the assistance of a local guide. Explore this area until the sun rises so you can see the beauty of the crater against the backdrop of golden sunlight.
  • 06:00: Arrive in Paltuding again then return to the hotel. You can eat breakfast, pack your things then rest for a while.
  • 12:00: Check out then continue driving to accommodation in the Lumajang area.
  • 14:00: Estimated arrival time. Free program after checking in and free program.

03rd: Waterfall Tour – Hotel at Bromo Park Area

  • Breakfast is moved up to between 6-7 am so that you have more time to explore the waterfall and the surrounding attractions.
  • 08:00: Start walking to the location with a local guide. Make sure you bring the appropriate equipment for this trip so that your trip is safe and smooth. The guide will challenge you to explore Coban Sewu, Goa Tetes, Tebing Nirwana then to Telaga Biru. Prepare yourself physically to stay fit while taking part in the trekking on this Tour Surabaya Ijen Mount Bromo Tumpak Sewu trip.
  • 11:00: Estimated arrival at hotel. Take a short break while tidying up your things before checkout.
  • After checking out, go straight to the Bromo tourist area, approximately three hours’ drive.
  • 15:00: Estimated arrival at hotel in Bromo. Check in then you are free to do anything in this free program. You can explore the tourist villages around the hotel or rest.
  • 18:00: Dinner at the restaurant, then rest.

04th: Tour Bromo and end of Surabaya

  • Make sure you are ready at 2:00 in the morning because you will be picked up by a 4WD Jeep to watch the sunrise on Penanjakan Hill. You can enjoy its beauty until around 05:30.
  • At 6:00 descend to Widodaren Hill and the active Bromo crater. After that, you can take photos in the Whispering Sands area and Teletubbies Hill.
  • 09:00: Return to the hotel. After breakfast there is still a short time to shower, tidy up and rest.
  • 11:30: Check out then continue to Surabaya.
  • 15:00: Estimated arrival at Pahlawan City. Then the tour to Ijen Bromo and Sewu Waterfall from Surabaya is complete.

Price for 4 Days Tour Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu from Surabaya

2 PEOPLEIDR. 4.150.000,-/Pax
3 PEOPLEIDR. 3.250.000,-/Pax
4 PEOPLEIDR. 2.950.000,-/Pax
5 PEOPLEIDR. 2.750.000,-/Pax

The Above Price Includes:

  1. Private vehicle with air conditioning from Surabaya
  2. Experienced driver, fuel, toll and parking rates
  3. Local guide and entrance tickets to tourist locations according to schedule
  4. Accommodation in 2-3 star hotels with breakfast, both in Bromo, Lumajang and Bondowoso
  5. 4WD Jeep during scheduled trip to Bromo
  6. Mineral water during the tour

How to Order Packages

How? Interested in the above? Take care of your health and body so that you are fit and ready to explore these three tourist locations!.

Choose the Tour Surabaya Mount Bromo Ijen Tumpak Sewu 4 days 3 nights by bromotour.co.id. So you can satisfy your longing to interact with nature. Contact us for orders and detailed information.